Testimonials :

  • "I have known Lavkesh Thaker for ore than 5 years. He has a tremendous experience and excellent knowledge about Apple computers, i phone, I pad, I touch, internet routers etc.

    He is very helpful, prompt and sincere in his work. I recommend that a customer can safely entrust his work to him and buy these items from him."

    - Suresh Parrekh
  • "I have been dealing with Lavkesh for the last 10 years and I have nothing but appreciation for his knowledge about Apple products. His ability to solve all problems has made him synonymous with Apple in India His 'always ready to help' attitude gives his customers lots of confidence in buying Apple products."

    - Firdaus K. Khambatta( Caixa Geral de DepĆ³sitos )
  • "I'm a fan of Apple products but not Apple, simply because they you can't contact them by email. So, my first port of call is Lavkesh, the whiz-kid of everything Apple. Lavkesh solves my problems 99% of the time, saving me the hassle of reaching out to Apple through their maze of steps on their 'Support' page! If I continue buying Apple, it's because I know I can depend on Lavkesh."

    - Noel Gama(Content Marketing Strategist)
  • " I was introduced to Lavkesh Thaker through a friend about four years back to assist me with Apple products that I was using. Lavkesh's knowledge of the products, be it, the Mac, Ipad or the Iphone is most impressive. But above all else is Lavkesh's helpful attitude and desire to assist his client. He is always a phone call away and ready to assist. I would be truly lost without him."

    - Nani